Kettle Bells

Kettle Bells are a great vehicle to integrate into or drive a workout.  Kettle Bells are cast-iron weights which resemble a cannonball with a handle and are used to perform ballistic exercises, which combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.   Kettle Bells were developed in Russia in the 1700s for weighing crops.  It is believed that farmers began to use them to demonstrate strength and the Soviet army used Kettle Bells for physical training during the 20th century.  I enjoy Kettle Bells for strength and conditioning, they are the perfect tool to develop muscle endurance and size, core strength and conditioning, they are the perfect tool to develop muscle endurance and size, core strength, stability and mobility, and improve cardiovascular ability. 


SpinFit classes use and indoor stationary bike and includes time off the bike completing interval strength and cardiovasculartory exercises.  SpinFit will incorporate total body movements to strengthen the core, arms, and legs.  The class may include agility and mobility exercises.


Pilates is an exercise method created by Joseph Pilates to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and coordination, and improve the mind and body.  The Pilates method will exercise the whole body and impact any activity or movement.  Pilates is performed on a mat and on specialized equipment such as a chair, barrel, reformer, and Cadillac.  Pilates engages the mind while the entire body performs exercises.  It will strengthen the core, which is the powerhouse of the body and improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.  Pilates is paired with our breathing, creating flow, form, and efficient movement patterns.  Anyone from 5 to 100 will enjoy the benefits from Pilates.  Pilates is used in many gyms, studios, rehabilitation clinics and hospitals to improve overall health and wellness for clients recovering from an injury or surgery to professional athletes.


Barre classes use a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like Pilates and yoga to lengthen and strengthen muscles.  Barre classes are low impact are set to upbeat music as you progress through a warm-up, arms, glutes, legs, core and stretching.  The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training which are performed at high repetitions of small range of motion movements.  The class includes use of light hand weights, bands, or balls.

Boot Camp/Circuit

Boot camp/Circuit classes begin with dynamic stretching and simple callisthenic exercises.  Theses classes vary in movements, including interval training, push-ups/sit-ups, plyometrics, and various types of exercises using weights and/or body weight.  Each class is generally concluded with core work and stretching.  Boot Camp/Circuit classes are excellent for increasing strength, agility and mobility, cardiovascular efficiency, and weight loss or maintenance.  These classes consist of individuals of varying fitness levels and desires.  The classes use camaraderie, music, and variation to keep exercise fresh and fun. 

Class Schedule

Monday          - 5:45 am and 9 am SpinFit

​                       - 12:30 Reformer/Chair/Springboard class in Anacortes

Tuesday         - 5:45 am Circuit Training

                       - 9 am Barre

                       - 10 am Pilates

Wednesday   - 5:45 am Kettlebells      

                       - 11 am Mat Pilates in Anacortes

Thursday       - 5:45 am Pilates 

                       -  9 am Barre

                       - 10 am Pilates

Friday            - 5:45 am and 9 am Spin /Fit

                       - 10:30 am Reformer/Chair/Springboard class in Anacortes   

**Schedule subject to change if class size minimum is not met.